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"Uhh, let's see, your front yard setback is fifteen feet from the front property line, or forty-five feet from the centerline of the street, whichever is closer - I mean, whichever is greater . . ."

Does that sound familiar?  Is a significant amount of your staff time going to explaining confusing zoning standards?  Do your public counter clients often leave with a glaze in their eyes?

If this is happening at your planning department, we've got a solution.  Collins & Schoettler has devised an innovative system of Zoning Ordinance brochures that takes the work out of explaining complex zoning standards.

Ask yourself the following questions.  Are your zoning regulations clear?  Are application forms concise and easy to understand?  Are they "user-friendly".  Do you have any graphics to offer the public to illustrate zoning standards?  Do you spend frustrating time explaining confusing standards verbally with no graphic assistance?

Collins & Schoettler can tailor a planning department public information program suited to your city's needs - at a price that will fit your budget.  Well designed handout materials can help reduce staff time commitments at the public counter as well as helping to communicate difficult-to-explain zoning standards more easily.

Collins & Schoettler can design effective zoning ordinance brochures for the following topics:

  • Single family residential zones
  • Parking standards
  • Multiple family residential zones
  • Sign Ordinance standards
  • Commercial zones
  • Landscaping standards
  • Industrial zones
  • Fencing standards
  • Mobile home standards

Permitting processes

- Site Plan Review
- Conditional Use Permits
- Subdivision process
- Variances
- Environmental review
- General Plan Amendments
- Zone Changes

Any other subjects you desire!

We can also revise and update your department's application forms and related materials with designs that are easy for applicants to follow.

Think about it.  The most important impression people take away from your department is often the assistance they get during their first contact with the front counter.  Collins & Schoettler can help improve communications between the planning department and the public.  The final result will be a stronger bond of understanding between applicant and staff.

We invite you to call Collins & Schoettler to discuss how your planning department can become more "user-friendly".

Phone  559.734.8737


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